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We’re Getting Fancy & We’re Getting Artsy

From iconic murals, to live painting, framed installations to performance art, each year The Cup features a mixture of local artists adding vibrancy and soul to the concourse. In 2022 the festival’s artistic showcase expands, with increased visibility for Indigenous collaborators. What better way to compliment your fun-loving summer outfits? We can’t think of one.
Stay tuned for more announcements as the summer 2022 event draws near.

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Zac George is a member of the Tsleil-Waututh Nation. He was born and raised in North Vancouver and now lives in Chehalis, BC. His work is inspired by his late grandparents, Chief Dan and Amy George, and Robert and Betty Edge. Zac studied carving with Don Joe of Chehalis and is proud to use the Coast Salish artistic style. He lives the rich cultural lifestyle of the Salish People: he is a hunter and a fisherman and follows the traditional spirituality practiced by his people for centuries.

David Ullock’s

David Ullock’s art practice is based on intuition and experimentation, and a continuous exploration of the diverse ways in which aspects of his artworks connect to one another.

Experimenting with colour and the application of paint, David creates gradients and textures that resemble shadows and light. Together, the colours, shapes and forms allow the sculpture to be viewed from any and all angles – producing multiple artworks within one

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